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AutoBaHRS: Automated Barangay Health Records System of Iligan City.


Dindo Donald A. Manulat Jr.,
Lloyd Aldrin S. Abundiente ,
Juniefel Caesar R. Madrazo,
Jasmin  P. Sumagang,
Enrico Miguel E. Ong

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Research and Development Center - Iligan Medical Center College

College of Computer Studies - Iligan Medical Center College

Information Technology Support Group - Iligan Medical Center College

RN Heals Region X, Lanao del Norte - Department of Health

Publication Information

Publication Type
Publication Sub Type
Case Series
Journal of Case Studies
Publication Date
December 2015


Iligan City, a city located in Northern Mindanao, Philippines, has a total of 44 barangays (villages), 15 are urban and 29 rural. The rural barangays are in remote mountainous areas of the city, making healthcare delivery system difficult to manage. Usually, healthcare services are delayed, due to poor management of records and inefficient communication. This problem motivated the researches to create a health information system called the Automated Barangay Health Record System (AutoBaHRS) to help manage the health records of the city. This electronic software was designed to provide real-time uploading of health records, as well as updating data and viewing the morality and morbidity rate and communicable and non-communicable diseases from different barangays of Iligan City. It is characterized by quickness, efficiency, reliability, and accuracy in data uploading storage and retrieval. The study also aimed to help secure the data through electronic local storage and remote retrieval of the barangay health stations and the City Health Office. The AutoBaHRS was developed using PHP and MySQL and was tested with any browsers available to date. Since this software development and database management tools are open sourced, the cost of AutoBaHRS fabrication is minimal. The system can be implemented using smartphones, tablets, or any portable computers from the field and a server can be installed in the City Health Office that will serve as the monitoring and database management unit. In using the system, the data on health among remote and urban barangays will be analyzed in real time , which is significant in the quick health response and management by government and other health care providers.


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